Nuby Medical Kit


The Nuby Presents a set of 6 pcs. Which helps to you for baby Nursing. First, Sure Dose Medicine Dropper It helps accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters the bulb design makes makes measurement easy. no mess, no waste, and a Sure Dose is given simply and effectively . Second, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe recommended by pediatricians. It help for the immediate relief of nasal congestion in infants in aspiration. Third, Medicine Dispenser with travel cap measuring cup. It ensures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliteres. The soft tip is shaped to fit comfortabaly into mouth and is specially designed to be gentle on baby’s tender teeth and gums. the travel cup for easy and quick medicine dispensing and last fourth, Medi Nurser with Silicone nipple. 5oz/15ml. It provides an easy, neat and accurate way to administer oral medicine or vitamins to your baby. The uniquely designed container features side indentions for easy grasping and a snap-on, nipplering assembly. Administering medicnes from Medi Nureser bypasses most of the taste buds and reduces baby’s ability to smell the medication.